There are two major deliverables associated with feasibility studies - the development of a bankable feasibility and the due diligence of an investment.


Clients approach 1EIGHT with great ideas that needs to be reviewed and refined further before reaching an investor. 1EIGHT takes our clients through the journey of combing through primary and secondary data to arrive at a go or no-go decision. 1EIGHT will not take on just any work, we are very selective on the idea. If the idea (a problem that requires a solution) is genuine, 1EIGHT will work tirelessly to develop a solution that is feasible.


On the other hand, 1EIGHT is cognisant in the importance of a third party review for investors. With our team being skilled in multidisciplinary backgrounds, we leverage of our diversity to review every aspect of a plan from a wide range of industries. 1EIGHT is especially focused on emerging markets and complex business environments.


Due diligence of an investment is one of the most critical step to ensure that an investment is viable. More often than not, a NO-GO decision is made on an opportunity due to the lack of knowledge or experience in a market. These decisions are based on the negative connotation that accompanies investments in emerging markets. These poor investment decisions are normally a result of poor due diligence. 1EIGHT’s unique experiences and process, allows us to provide our clients with a thorough due diligence of the opportunity. Essentially, the feasibility is analysed against the market conditions at all levels (we complete independent in-country review) and operational or project delivery.

“1EIGHT thoroughly analyses a situation and develops a solution that mitigates tomorrow’s problem. We work tirelessly with our clients to achieve a greater good – with a sustainable solution that benefits all the parties involved.”