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Solving tomorrow's challenges today

The Story of 1EIGHT

What we stand for

1EIGHT was founded in 2015 with the aim of driving change through agile and innovative thinking. While we cannot claim to be a leader in our field, we fight everyday in improving these skills to drive positive results. Our group was established with a single mindset - to solve today's problems with tomorrow's solutions.


Since its inception, 1EIGHT has grown into a management group that oversees several smaller business units, including lease developments and management contracts. Our group has always been committed to delivering positive outcomes for future generations. This ideology has been instilled in all the businesses we manage.


As the group continues to explore new business avenues, we remain dedicated to empowering our workforce and inspiring the broader community. Our founder's goal is to establish a legacy of transformation, advocating for a brighter, more sustainable future through innovative and sustainable practices.

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