"We are a boutique consultancy, advisory and service management firm specialising in emerging markets and complex business environments."

Our experienced team of consultants have extensive skills to conduct market research, feasibility studies and the implementation of a planned solution. Our main focus is to break into the emerging market landscapes across the globe for clients. With so much to offer, 1EIGHT has the ability to demystify and operate in complex environments. We work on a high-tempo basis to keep things running as smoothly as possible and to achieve the best results for our clients. 


At 1EIGHT everything we do is driven by our values. We are defined by the quality of our people and powered by their multi-disciplinary knowledge. Our thoughts and actions are that of business partners, not advisors.


To be successful in achieving this, the team at 1EIGHT is innovative in aligning their incentives with our 'clients' objective. We push beyond the wall to exceed our clients' expectations and create success - beyond the next financial year. We determine our success by the measurable impact we incur in all that we do and we are passionate about leveraging our clients business strengths to make them successful.


Our team finds passion in participating in something meaningful, and for all of us, that's giving your business the tools and understanding to be successful. At 1EIGHT, our team believes in the motto 'Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose'